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How to get free Tiktok likes and followers

Is Tiktok just a usual app in our life?

What benefit can we take from using it? How does it influence people`s lives?

First of all you should realize that Tiktok is not just a way to share video with your audience, it’s a perfect tool to make yourself famous worldwide. You determined the kind of content you would make but there are too many questions how to attract new viewers at the start of your path.

Let’s look these issues.

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How to see who viewed your Tiktok video

Tik Tok is a relatively young but already unbelievably popular app. People post short videos with music and show their creative potential all over the world. In 2020 there are more than 800 million users on this application from almost every country on Earth. According to statistics, it’s been downloaded more times than YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. It means that it’s very important to use this social media for your own purposes. It promises great results in a short time.

Tik Tok gives lots of opportunities to develop creative skills. There are many tools like video and music effects, face masks that are helpful in editing short videos.  

So, while using Tik Tok you might have some questions upon how it works. Especially you should be interested in who was active on your profile. You can see who visited your account following these steps:

  1. open the app
  2. tap on the “inbox” icon
  3. see the text “viewed your profile”
  4. tap on their profile pics

As you can see, it’s an easy process! Another question is what can you do with this information? I suggest you go and check the profiles of your guests, like some of their videos and comment on them. You can also offer them collaborating with you or to make a duet together. If your comments are interesting enough, then other users might visit your profile as well. And there is a possibility that they can become your followers!

Moreover, analyzing those who visited your TikTok account helps with understanding your target audience. If the content you make hits this group of people, you are a success.

Let’s talk about some important details that each Tik Tok user should know. Firstly,  nobody can see who visited your account besides yourself. The only thing others can do is to see how many views, likes, or comments do you have on the videos. Secondly, you can check the Tik Tok guests only within 24 hours. After this time they just disappear. Thirdly, you cannot check how many times did the guest visit your page. However, you can see what did he or she like or comment on and answer them back. It’s crucial to communicate with the guests or followers because this way they become loyal to you as a creator.

Ok, I hope you got it. Now here is another question: how to see who viewed your Tiktok video? Sometimes we create video clips just for one person to see that’s why we need to know whether he or she watched it. Or you can have another reason for your curiosity.

Anyway, Tik Tok doesn’t have such a function. However, what you can do is to see how many views you’ve got:

  • open Tik Tok app
  • tap on “me” icon
  • pay attention to the numbers on your videos – these are the views

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Ways of Boosting TikTok Account

However, to make your profile more attractive, select a catchy nickname and set a cool avatar.

Add brief information about yourself and your interests in the description, as well as a call to like and subscribe.

Be sure to include links to Instagram and YouTube.

Moreover, be active and subscribe to other users as well. As in other social networks, TikTok has a mutual follow-up, which helps to gain new subscribers at the beginning.

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How to see who viewed your tiktok video

Who viewed your tiktok video? Are you interested?

It’s always interesting to know who were the people that watched your videos on Tik Tok.

However, not all of us know how to reveal the identities of the Tik Tok profile visitors. By doing this, you not only can analyze the average age of your target audience.

You can also understand how often the views appeared. It’s very important for promoting a Tik Tok account. In this article, we share my personal experience on how to see who viewed your videos or visited your profile, who liked the videos that you posted, and how to see your liked videos.


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How to change photo on TikTok

Change photo on TikTok is a very simple process. Let us show how it’s done

Some people may ask “ why do we need to upload a picture on my Tik Tok account?”. There are several reasons why it is important. Let’s say, you decided to become famous on this social media.

Then you might start thinking about followers or likes and shares first. Yeah, it’s definitely necessary to take them into account in the beginning…But, c’mon, the very first thing you take a look at is a profile picture.

Let’s say, you decided to be socially active on Tik Tok. So, you’re browsing your news feed and see all the popular bloggers’ videos. Some of them you like, some you don’t.

And you will probably want to subscribe to some of the Tik Tok accounts that you liked the most.


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How to change name on TikTok

Change name on TikTok? Not a rocket science!

The last time we talked about how to edit your Tik Tok profile. It was easy, right? Now we suggest taking a look at your Tik Tok username. To be honest, it’s one of the main things on this social media. Tik Tok username can say a lot about your personality, that’s why it’s super important to choose it carefully. Other users recognize you by the username you have. So, in order to become popular, you shouldn’t change it all the time. Remember, there is a rule: you can do it only once in 30 days.


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